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Welcome to our HomeTreat Press page where you can find the most up to date articles about the services we provide along with some useful information to assist you with your project.

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Useful Documents

The below links are just some useful articles to look at when you are renovating or thinking about any home improvements:



"In just 4 hours HomeTreat gave me the vision, the confidence and the practical tools to transform the living area of my home. I also got proper architects drawings for two different solutions on the day! Siobhan's specific experience in residential work and ability to interpret my requirements were key contributors to my complete satisfaction with the service"
Yvonne Gallagher, Co. Clare


Best Service Business Awards 2009

Awarded by the Limerick City Enterprise Board for our recent initiative with HomeTreat, which was devised to provide homeowners with a cost effective solution for home improvement projects professionally designed in compliance with building regulations.

Treat your Home for Less….

Prospect Architects know that there has never been a better time for home improvements, so with their award winning HomeTreat Package you can kick start your favorite home improvement project for just €698. You will have a home visit by an architect with 20yrs+ experience of residential work; professional yet practical advise, on how to plan to proceed with your project and a set of Architects drawings ready for implementation.

Get started in three simple steps:

  1. log onto to view examples of HomeTreat projects; they may spark off some ideas!
  2. Look around your home and make a shortlist of projects with the most potential benefit
  3. call prospect architects, Limerick on 061 469800 to arrange the initial consultation. They’ll take it from there…

Prospect Architects MRIAI, Best Service Business – Enterprise board Award Winners 2009, 19 Ascot Terrace, O’Connell Avenue, Limerick Tel 061- 469800 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Summer Projects 

This summer we have participated in many residential refurbishment & extension projects as well as being involved in extensive commercial design work. The pictures to the side of this article reflect some of project work which has been carried out over the past few months.

Prospect Architecture & Interior Design Ltd cater for all architectural projects regardless of their size, complexity or budget, so whether you are about to undertake a large project or simply want to maximise your space and light, we have a range of services to suit your needs.

HomeTreat is an award winning initiative of Prospect Architects which was devised to provide home owners with a cost effective solution for having home improvement projects professionally designed in compliance with building regulations. HomeTreat is all about a unique method of delivering architects' services to home owners in an easy-to-use, customer friendly format which makes architectural design accessible for all home improvement projects. In addition to the number of summer projects completed by Prospect Architects, HomeTreat have provided initial design consultations to a large number of clients throughout the South West region and surrounding areas of Ireland.

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"A productive and thought provoking process that enabled me to clarify some ideas and issues”

Brendan McLaren,
(HomeTreat Client)

Essential tips for Home Improvements

As we are now entering the winter season you may feel the need to brighten up your home; alternatively you can start to plan that dream extension or renovation project in time for next Spring.

Whether you want to add an extra room to your home or build a two storey extension we can advise you on a design that will best fit your property and optimise light, warmth, space and functionality. A home extension is far more cost effective than selling and relocating as it provides the perfect opportunity to customise your home to match your current and future requirements.

Many people now choose to extend their homes with a sunroom or conservatory as they give a house an extra room that is full of light and quickly warms up when the sun is out. For those without conservatories, planning them can be a confusing process, however, our HomeTreat services are designed to set you on the right path and provide you with all the relevant information for you to proceed with your project.

Kitchen Design
The Kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in a home and is central to most lifestyles, thus making it a design focus. The shape of the room is a very important feature in the planning of your kitchen layout while creating zones is essential to facilitate the flow of work. We can collaborate with you to create a layout that best suits the needs of you and your family while using the available space to its full potential.

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"Prospect provided instructive solutions to any problems which arose and sought at all times to provide value for money when advising alternative ways of doing things... I have no hesitation recommending Siobhan to prospective clients as they would greatly benefit from her professional”

Pat Mulcahy,
(Prospect Client)

Ask the Editor

What are the benefits of starting my home renovation project with a HomeTreat Visit?
By using qualified Architects to do an initial HomeTreat visit, you will end up with a home that is right for you and that you will love to live in. You will also ensure that your investment is maximised and that you finished project adds value to your property - badly designed extensions and renovations can significantly reduce the value of your property. By going directly to a builder means, you miss the important design stage, builders really only specialise in building things and Architects specialise in designing spaces.

How do I know if HomeTreat Architects will design a style I want?
All projects begin with an initial visit - the interactive design consultation with the Architect. During the initial visit, you will be heavily involved in the design process - your ideas and feedback will be encouraged to ensure the final designs are exactly what you want.

What happens during the initial HomeTreat visit?
During the initial visit, your architect will spend time asking you questions and finding out what you want to achieve. The options that you have available along with the feasibility and implications of these options will be discussed in detail. If you do not have any existing drawings then measurements will be taken and sketch drawings developed. Once this is completed, your Architect is now in a position to draw up initial design sketches to help you visualise your design and provide input. These drawings will be yours to keep so that you can refer back to them at a later date. By the end of the initial visit you should be fully informed and in a position to move forward with your project.

What are the next steps after the initial HomeTreat visit?
At the end of your initial visit, you architect will discuss the next steps with you, selected from the service options available. You will be given advice on what services you may require and in each case you will be given advice on what services you may require and in each case you will be given an idea of the likely cost//hours involved. These will then be confirmed and sent to you in an itemised list of priced services for you to consider and choose from. Prospect Architects can provide further services including: surveys, sketch design, planning permission, details drawings, contract & onsite work etc. You may choose to use architectural services across every aspect of the project or just simply for ideas and advice, but most importantly, you always stay in control.

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Change of Use Applications

As peoples lifestyles are changing, more people are taking up the challenge of setting up their own business, quite often working from home.

While some situations do not require planning permission it is always important to check your local Council Development Plan before making the changes to your home to see if what you are doing is considered exempt development or not. Should the local council advise you that your development is considered "exempt", then you can proceed with your plans without further application.

If you development is not considered "exempt" you will need to apply for a "change of use" permission and it is important to check the following:

  • Review the local development plan for your area, not just with regard to your proposed development but also with regard to zoning, carparking requirements, etc.
  •  Review similar applications made in your area and note any difficulties that may have occurred and the solutions to these problems.
  • Remember that initial applications frequently fail on similar grounds, so it's important to avoid these where possible.
  • In addition to planning permission fire certificates and disability access certificates may also be a requirement for your development. 

For example, if you are thinking of a creche development the following need to be considered (in addition to the above) :

  • The market needs for a creche in your area.
  • The number of children you can cater for internally.
  • The exterior area you can make available for safe hard and soft play areas
  • What water and drainage facilities are available on-site

If you are thinking of changing the use of your home to a creche or other such commercial venture we would strongly recommend that you engage the help of a trained professional to ensure compliance with planning and current building regulations

Prospect Architects can advise you of the current legislation, assisst you with your project and provide additional services where required.


How to Save Money - Energy Efficiency

Why build a Low Energy/Passive House?

Key benefits of building a Low Energy/Passive House:

• Whole House comfort all year round
• High quality indoor fresh air providing health benefits
• Very low heating bills, especially important with rising energy prices
• Superior construction detailing, built to last
• Low carbon emissions – doing your bit for the environment
• Future proof your home, keeping ahead of current energy regulations
• Open plan and bright living spaces with strong connection to your garden



How to Add Value to Your Home

There has never been a better time for home improvements! With construction prices the lowest they have been in years and availability of highly skilled qualified tradesmen, home extensions and renovations are now being progressed. Homeowners want good design, based on traditional and contemporary styles, often using plenty of glass to bring natural light and connecting the garden to their living areas.

The day of the glass conservatory that is too hot in summer or too cold in winter are gone, what people want instead are bright, well lit spaces that can be used all year-round and integrate well with the original house. The architect plays an essential role, ensuring that the new work and original house blend and by creating spaces that people love to live and work in.

Well designed Renovations & Extensions add Value to a home!


Discounts with HomeTreat

With HomeTreat you receive a voucher entitling you to 10% off any materials you need for your project at Daly’s, The Hardware and lighting specialists, William Street Limerick.

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